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Manti High School Block Schedule
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Manti High School Block Schedule

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A Day
 A Day 2023 24

B DayB Day 2023 24 


DB = Double Block (Student must sign up for corresponding Math Lab on B day schedule). Example: Students in Mrs. Munk's A1 Math II DB class must also sign up for Mrs. Munk's B1 Math II Lab.

Red Text = Every day (A & B) for a semester. Student must "block out" spot for corresponding class on opposite day. Example: Students in Mr. Peterson's A3 Statistics 1040 class must also plan on being in Mr. Peterson's B3 Statistics 1040 class for one semester.

Black and Blue Text = Traditional Block Schedule (every other day).


Requirement: Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors are required to take a leadership class specific to their grade. These classes will be one semester long, every other day.


/ = Semester Class (1st Semester / 2nd Semester).

* = Prerequistite required
# = Successful audition required

@ = Teacher permission required

> = Lifetime Activities class enrollment requires the student to tryout and/or participate in a sport that semester. Enrollment in this course will continue even if the student does not make the team or quits midway through the season. Students may transfer out of, enroll in, or re-enroll in the class second semester. First semester enrollment in this class is limited to students who intend to play Football, Volleyball, Boys Basketball and Girls Basketball. Second semester enrollment is limited to students who intend to play Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Softball and Boys Soccer. Freshman will only be permitted to enroll in this course at the invitation of a head coach. Their enrollment must start and end during the semester breaks as described above.

< = Optional lab for any student enrolled in non-double blocked math course.

~ = Eligible for college credit                    

% = These classes are dual enrollment with Mr. Howard and Mr. Knapp both teaching the same students (one class). You will sign up under Mr. Howard's name.


^ = Must be enrolled in another music class.


*** = By Counselor or Administrator invitation or assignment.


(NG) & (OG) = New Gym & Old Gym

Orange Text = Classes listed in orange text are IVC (Internet Video Conference) courses offered through Snow College. Students who enroll in these courses must be Juniors or Seniors and have at least a 3.0 GPA. They must also complete the registration process through the college. Students will earn high school AND college credit for successfully completing these courses. There will be no IVC courses on Fridays. Beginning and end dates of each IVC course follow the college's schedule, not MHS's schedule. Depending on the specific course, the beginning and/or ending time of instruction may not completely match up with MHS's bell schedule. In such a case, a student should notify and make arrangements with their affected high school teacher regarding any conflicts. These courses will be broadcast live from Snow College. The college will charge an additional minimal fee for enrollment in these courses. Students may also be required to purchase a college level textbook or other supplies specific to each enrolled course. Only seniors may enroll in English 1010 and COMM 1500. Enrollment and drop deadlines, as well as grading and attendance policies, are at the discretion of the college and individual professors. The above referenced courses represent only first semester, or Fall 2023, offerings. Course selections for second semester, or Spring 2024, will be advertised in November. Please see Mrs. Pogroszewski or Mr. Robinson if you have additional questions.