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School will be dismissed early on Wednesday 11/25 at 1:20 for the Thanksgiving Holiday. No School November 26-27. Hope everyone has a great few days off! 

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**UPDATE: This has been extended through the end of the school year.  


Parents or Guardians:

The United States Department of Agriculture has announced that starting Monday, September 14th all students in our district can eat breakfast and lunch for free.  This will be offered until funds run out or December 18, 2020, whichever happens first.   

Lunch Balances—If your student has a negative lunch balance you will be responsible to bring it current.  If your student currently has funds in their lunch account, we will hold those funds and use them when the free lunch program ends. 

Online Students—If your student is online you will still need to call your student’s school the morning you wish to pick up lunch. If your online student wants breakfast and or lunch you will need to contact their school to arrange pick up times.

  • If your online student is in elementary, they must get their lunch from the elementary that they are enrolled in.
  • If you have a middle school online student, they must pick their lunch up at the middle school they are enrolled in.
  • If you have a high school online student, they must pick their lunch up at the high school they are enrolled in.

If you have any questions regarding this change, feel free to reach out to the school. Thank you for your support of the Sanpete School District lunch program.

Delene Coates

School Nutrition Supervisor

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Dear Students, Parents/Guardians,

            The faculty and staff at Gunnison Valley Middle School are excited to begin this upcoming school year and welcome you all back to school. It is our commitment to keep our students, teachers and staff safe during these unprecedented times. Under the direction of Governor Hebert, Utah State School Board of Education, Central Utah Health Department and local leaders we have been provided guidance on how to open our school as safely as possible. Gunnison Valley Middle School has created a plan to meet these guidelines. We ask for your support as we begin this school year. Please be patient as the guidelines are very fluid and may be modified. In preparation for the upcoming year we have created a list of supplies and guidance to start the year as safely as possible.

  • Masks
    • Governor Herbert has mandated all students and faculty must wear masks within the school and while riding the bus.
    • We recommend masks that can be washed and sanitized. Masks will be furnished by parents.  We have a very limited amount we can supply.
  • Backpack 
    • We strongly encourage students to have a backpack, this will limit the amount of times students stop at their lockers and encourage students to carry their supplies from class to class.
  • Water Bottle 
    • We encourage students to fill and bring a water bottle from home.
  • Drop Off Time 
    • Gunnison Valley Middle School will open the doors at 7:30, please do not drop students off earlier. As you drop students off, we remind each of you to pull forward as far as you can in the drop off area to ease traffic congestion).
  • Social Distancing 
    • When students enter the building, they will need to head to their first period class and avoid grouping in the common areas.
  • Assigned Seating 
    • All students will have assigned seats during class. Each student will be assigned an area and a table to eat lunch.

We are empathetic to the fact that this school year will be very different than anything in the past. As we navigate through the opening of this school year, we once again ask for your support as we try to implement the guidance to keep students, teachers and staff safe.

Thank you for your support.

GVMS Administration


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