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Have a Great Summer!

School Starts on Thursday, August 19, 2021

Mask Mandate Changes

May 20, 2021

Dear Patrons, Staff, and Students,

We are so grateful for the efforts of everyone involved with our schools in making this 2020-21 school year successful and being able to finish the entire school year without having to go entirely online or close our doors. We appreciate the efforts and dedication of our EDUCATORS and their sacrifice in putting themselves on the line every day.  We appreciate the parents and students and all the sacrifices that have taken place this year in following safety protocols and helping protect each other. 

Many states around us and throughout the United States didn’t have the normalcy that we were afforded.  Many states were online and didn’t allow extracurricular activities to take place this year.  Thank you for all your understanding and support.

We understand that the mask mandate has been polarizing but are grateful that COVID seems to be slowing down.  According to Governor Cox’s update and the public health order, as of Monday, May 24th, masks will no longer be required in South Sanpete schools.  This will apply to buses, activities, classrooms, and all school functions. This change will also be in effect for any summer school programs and activities and moving forward.  Any individual that wishes to continue wearing a mask is welcome to do so. 

HB 1007 passed in a special Legislative session yesterday and, South Sanpete School District will adhere to it.   For next school year, 2021-22 HB 1007 states, “a school may not require an individual to wear a face-covering to attend or participate in in-person instruction, LEA-sponsored athletics, or another LEA-sponsored extracurricular activity, or in any other place on the campus of a school or school facility after the end of the 2020-2021 school year.” In the future, if there is an outbreak that surpasses thresholds, the health department will determine mask requirements.

Once again, we are grateful for the South Sanpete School District schools remaining open all year and your efforts in making that happen.  Please continue to be safe and have a FANTASTIC summer. 


Ralph C Squire Superintendent

South Sanpete School District


Free Breakfast and Lunch

 The National Covid Relief for FREE Breakfast and Lunch for students will continue through the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

Please check your individual PowerSchool accounts to see if your child has a lunch balance. If your student has a negative balance, please pay in the office as soon as possible.

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