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Back to School 2024-2025 Information

School Calendar
Free and Reduced Lunch Information:

Filling out a free/reduced lunch application can be a win-win for your child and our school district! Even if you think you might not qualify, it's worth applying. Your child could be eligible for free or reduced-price meals, saving your family money throughout the year. Plus, completing the application helps our district secure additional funding for educational resources that benefit all students. The application process is easy - you can conveniently complete it online while updating our child's registration forms. Instruction videos under quick links

Fee Payments Grades 6-12:

School fees are required at the middle and high schools. Parents have the option to pay online at MySchoolFees. Payments can also be made at the school office with cash, check or credit cards. A fee waiver can be completed through PowerSchool Parent Sign In 

 Registration Dates:

Elementary Schools:
Ephraim: August 5-14 9am -2pm   
Gunnison:  August 5-14 8am-2pm
Manti: August 5-14  8am-3pm

Middle Schools:
Ephraim Middle School  August 5-7
by appointment through

Gunnison Valley Middle School 9am-2pm
by appointment through
6th Grade August 6 
7th Grade August 7   
8th Grade August 8   
New students August 9

 Manti High School  
August 12 8am -4pm 
August 13 8am-7pm
Please Schedule at time through
Gunnison High School
New Students August 5-6 9am-2pm
12th Grade August 7 9am-10:30 am
11th Grade August 7 11am-12:20 pm
10th Grade August 7 1:00pm-2:30pm
9th Grade August 8 5:00pm (Freshman Orientation)

If your student plan on participating in any extra-curricular activities this school year, please complete the eligibility process at

For complete Back to School Information please view or download pdfflyer