School Year 2023-24

According to the Teacher and Student Success Act, SB 149, from the 2019 general session, under the section 53G-7-1206 (4)(a), it requires, “An LEA governing board shall adopt an LEA governing board student success framework to provide guidelines and processes for a school within the LEA governing board’s LEA to follow in developing a teacher and student success plan.”


SCHOOL NAME:    Ephraim Middle School    


1.  Analyze Current Data (Current Year)

1-School Grade, WIDA scores, End of Level Test, School Community Council, and EMS student Grades.

2-SHARP Survey & CTE Survey Counseling: Anti-Bullying campaign, Suicide Prevention, Social Emotional Learning programs, student wellness and the EMS School Community Council.

3-College Career Awareness & YouScience & Keys to Success

4-Needed teacher in-service.

2.  Goal

1-Increase the success of all of our students academically.

2-Provide a school culture of excellence and inclusion by providing wholesome activities, field trips, assemblies, and recognition for all EMS students.

3-Provide College and Career Awareness opportunities for our students.

4-Provide in-service opportunities in ELL and PCBL, appreciation and connections for our teachers and staff.

3.  Academic Area

1-All academic areas.

2-All academic areas, school culture, and safe educational environment.

3-CTE and College and Career Awareness.

4-All academic areas.

4.  Measurements

1-School Grade, WIDA, End of Level Tests, and student’s grades.

2-Student and Parent Surveys (SHARP), School Community Council,  and log entries in PowerSchool.

3-Career interest inventories, YouScience & Keys to Success.

4-School Grade, WIDA, End of Level Tests, and student’s grades.

5.  Action Plan Steps

1-Purchase 6th grade reading curriculum supplemental material ($300). Purchase apps and software for our teachers ($8,663). Provide an additional $500 each for new teacher supplies for our new teachers this year($2500). Provide a mentor teacher stipend of $150/mentor ($750). Provide five (5) AmeriCorp para-professionals to assist with the EMS after school program, Para's in the classroom, and to work with ELL students ($26,250).

2-Provide virtual and in-person assemblies with regards to Anti-Bullying, Suicide Prevention, Social Emotional Learning programs, and student wellness($3,500). Provide the student council with funds for supplies needed for Activities, Dances, Student of the Week, Student of the Month recognition, etc ($1,000). SBO Advisor Stipend ($200). Lunch supervision ($600).

3-Purchase supplies for Reality Town ($500). Science Olympiad advisor stipend ($500). Snow College Tours and visits($1200).

4-($8,873) Pay for presenters and necessary materials for teacher in-service to prepare for and transition towards Personalized Competency-Based Learning( PCBL). Connect with and support our ELL community and students. Provide opportunities for teachers and staff to feel appreciated & connected.