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7th and 8th Grade PCCR Meetings
 youscience logo 7th Grade
In 7th grade our students do brain games with YouScience to find their strengths and interests. Every student has strengths and this is a great chance for them to connect those strengths to future careers. They will also have a group Plan for College and Career Readiness meeting 
 Career Clusters  8th Grade
In 8th grade I sit down with each student and their parents/guardians for an individual Plan for College and Career Readiness. We focus on strengths and interests, connect them to career clusters, talk about paths in high school, and set goals for their future.
Keys to Success is filled with resources for exploring and striving for the future you want. It has everything from interest inventories to college financing options. Check out all the colleges in Utah to see which ones have the programs that align with your interests. Explore all options for an exciting future
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Students can save money and time earning high school credit and college credit by enrolling in concurrent enrollment classes  CTE offers many opportunities for students to gain experience, certification, internships and more 
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