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6th Grade Required Courses
Math 6
Science 6
Language Arts 6
Digital Literacy, Health, Shop
(Each class is a 6 week rotation equaling 1 semester)
PE (Semester)
7th Grade Required Courses
Math 7
Science 7
Language Arts 7
Stem/Utah History
CCA Business (Semester)
CTE-Shop (Semester)
FACS-Home Ec. (Semester)
PE (Semester) 
8th Grade Required Courses
Math 8
Science 8
Language Arts 8
U.S. History
Computer Science Investigation (Semester)
6th Grade Electives
(choose 1 full year class)
7th Grade Electives
(choose 1 full year class)
Music Appreciation/Chorus
 8th Grade Electives (1.5 credits/1.5 semesters total required)
(choose 3 semester classes, or 1 full year and 1 semester class)
Band (Full Year)
Orchestra (Full Year)
Creative Coding (Semester)
Digital Art (Semester)
Drama (Semester)
Guitar (Semester)
Cooking/Sewing (Semester)
Shop (Semester)
Yearbook (Semester * Application only)
Teacher Aide (Semester * Teacher and Administration approval
and choice)
Class Changes
Class change requests are considered when schedules become available in early August and again in the last week of first semester. There is no class change fee for class changes before the first day of school, however, class changes for preferential reasons are charged $5.00 once school begins. Class changes past the first 5 days of school or semester require administration approval. The ability to change a class depends on classroom capacity, balance, and availability. 
New Students
We are excited to welcome you to Ephraim Middle School! We love it here and hope you will too! Pre-registration can be completed online. Supporting documents are to be brought in to the school for copies. Schedules will be made after registration is complete.