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Ephraim Elementary School Community Council Meeting  

October 21, 2021– 3:00 PM 

Ephraim Elementary Conference Room


Council members in attendance:  Principal Gannon Jones, Parents: Lisle Dewey, Bryan Harris, Jamie Nielson, Jeanine Mack. Malaree Parry, the Ephraim Elementary instructional coach, was present to take notes on the meeting. 

Council members not in attendance:  CoraLee Wayman

The meeting took place at 3:00 p.m. in the Ephraim Elementary conference room. 

Welcome: Mr. Jones welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced all the members. Reviewed the responsibilities of the community council, schedule of today’s meeting, and future meeting dates.

  1. School LAND trust program -Appropriate Expenditure check-list explained and reviewed. Checklists of responsibilities were gone over and all SCC members were given handouts defining their different responsibilities along with the rules and procedures for SCC meetings. 
  2. New officers were elected for the new year.   Jeanine Mack was elected as the new SCC Chair and Brian Harris as the new SCC Vice Chair. A motion was stated by Jamie Nelson and seconded by Lisle Dewey.  The vote was unanimous.
  3. Mr. Jones explained appropriate use of Trust Lands funding.  We reviewed the budget summary from last year and the anticipated budget path for the current year. 
  4. We went over the option of creating an amendment to the Trust Lands Software. Mr. Jones discussed the current reading data. The data shows that there has been a slump in the reading scores following the COVID year. Mr. Jones suggested that the funds be moved from software to purchase reading programs and material to help target reading improvement. The SCC voted unanimously to move forward with the amendment to purchase reading curriculum with Trustlands money. He summarized the amendment  procedures and community council compliance checklist.
  5. The current 2021-22 school wide plan was reviewed
  6. All members were given a copy of the School Improvement Plan (read this for next meeting, and we will go over), Reading Improvement Plan, Professional Development Plan, and the Emergency Preparedness Plan for the 2021-22 school year.
  7. The emergency preparedness plan was gone over with the council. 
  8. COVID precautions in the school were discussed and explained.
  9. Ephraim Elementary new landscaping in the front was discussed 
  10. Ephraim Elementary received a grant  to hire a computer technician, Lauren Gillette. Lauren will be teaching computer technology weekly to grades 1-5. 
  11. Agenda items, meeting date, time and place were discussed for the meeting on November 19th.  Next meeting will take place on November 19th at 3:30pm.