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Ephraim Elementary School Community Council Meeting  

November 19, 2020– 3:30 PM 

Zoom Meeting


Council members in attendance:  Principal Gannon Jones Teacher: Billie Cox Parents: Stephanie Barton, Danni Larsen, Becky Woods, Jeanine Mack

Council members not in attendance:  NA

1-Gannon showed the current use of trust lands funds

Digital Citizenship in the schools.  Teaching kids how to use the internet. Teachers go through training and there is a monthly focus. Videos on grade specific topics. For example, digital footprint, cyber bullying, etc.

2-Wellness policy 

This document went over good nutrition and health practices encouraged by the school district. Lunch menus will be attractive to children.  Physical activity recommendations are mentioned.

3-Discussion on next year's plan. End of the year report will be shown in January to be submitted in February.

Ideas for next year include: Restarting power hour with paras. Ideas for field trips for students. Cost of buses and their fuel including drivers was discussed. 

Mid-year dibels report will help determine strategies for next year.

4-Christmas Program ideas were discussed. Dani mentioned  that there are a few Snow College people that could help with video editing.

5-Holiday Breaks were discussed and assurances made about teachers being prepared with lessons and plans.  COVID-19 protocols were defined with quarantine and isolation procedures. Privacy laws were reviewed.

6-Next meeting on January 14th.

This meeting took place at 3:30 p.m. in a zoom room.