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Ephraim Elementary School Community Council Meeting 
January 14, 2020– 3:30 PM

Ephraim Elementary Conference Room


Council members in attendance:  Principal Gannon Jones Teacher: Billie Cox Parents: Stephanie Barton, Danni Larsen, Becky Woods, Andrew Bahlmann
Council members not in attendance: 

The meeting took place at 3:30 p.m. in the Ephraim Elementary conference room.

  • Welcome: Danni Larsen
  • No current issues from previous meeting.
  • Gannon: review of the Trust lands budget and up to date expenditures. No questions were generated.
  • Rise Scores and our school’s Report Card was discussed.
  • The topic of college readiness with this year’s crop of college students who have been through common core and I pad availability. Several interesting opinions and theories were mentioned.
  • Rise Benchmarks and Interims discussion and purpose.
  • Middle of Year DIBELS Benchmark overview. Rise testing in April.
  • Portrait of a Graduate. Great insights with social communication and mental perseverance. A desire for a balance of education and empathy was expressed.
  • Title 1 discussion. Paras, in-service, supply, textbook, and T1 Sub.
  • Overview of funds estimated for next year. Numbers will be estimated in March.
  • Angel Flight donations report. So much generosity!
  • Andrew mentioned an idea of a minority brought to light in an assembly. Female pilot, African American Ballerina, or other such minorities teaching about their adventures and successes.