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Ephraim Elementary School Community Council Meeting 

November 26, 2019– 3:30 PM

Ephraim Elementary Conference Room



Council members in attendance:  Principal Gannon Jones Teacher: Billie Cox Parents: Stephanie Barton, Danni Larsen, Becky Woods,.

Council members not in attendance:  Andrew Bahlmann

The meeting took place at 3:30 p.m. in the Ephraim Elementary conference room.

  • Welcome: Dani Larsen
  • Gannon summarized and discussed the budget and the funds spent on teacher training and reading conferences. Reading Horizons was mentioned. Kindergarten began a power hour program with trust land funding.
  • Digital Citizenship. How to teach students how to navigate and keep safe with technology.
  • School safety plan and a reunification plan process. We discussed the Lock-down, Lock-out, and fire drill procedures. Great comments about the Refocus Room. Discussed parking lot and safe walking route plans and protocols. Goals for a safe and wholesome learning environment. As far as day to day safety concerns our grounds are pretty solid and maintained continually.
  • Halloween for 2020 we will send the notes home at the first of year to inform parents of the costume policy.
  • Homework by January 14th at 3:30pm: Wellness Policy, Portrait of a Graduate.
  • Angel Flight bring in 50 planes on December 13th to the airport for our students to be bussed out and see.
  • Agenda items, meeting date, time and place were discussed for the meeting on January 14th. Next meeting will take place on January 14th at 3:30pm.