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Ephraim Elementary School Community Council Meeting

October 19, 2019– 3:30 PM

Ephraim Elementary Conference Room


Council members in attendance: Principal Gannon Jones Teacher: Billie Cox Parents: Stephanie Barton, Danni Larsen, Becky Woods, Andrew Bahlmann.

Council members not in attendance: NA

The meeting took place at 3:30 p.m. in the Ephraim Elementary conference room.

Welcome: Mr. Jones welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced all new members. (Stephanie Barton, Dani Larsen, Andrew Bahlmann, Becky Woods, Billie k Cox)

Checklists of responsibilities were gone over and all SCC members were given handouts defining their different responsibilities along with the rules and procedures for SCC meetings.

New officers were elected for the new year.  Dani Larsen was elected as the new SCC Chair and Billie k Cox as the new SCC Vice Chair. A motion was stated by Andrew Bahlmann and seconded by Stephanie Barton. The vote was unanimous.

Mr. Jones explained where the money can and can't go with Trust land money.  He summarized the parliamentary procedures and community council compliance checklist.

Mr. Jones also reviewed the RISE testing scores and DIBELS reading scores from the previous year.  Ephraim Elementary has showed a six percent growth in Language Arts and still did very well in Math and
Science.  Power Hour in Kindergarten to increase reading readiness.  72 English Language Learner kids.

All members then went over the School Improvement Plan, Reading Improvement Plan, Professional Development Plan, and the Emergency Preparedness Plan for the 2019-20 school year. All members had a chance to read each document and comment on the contents. All documents were voted on and passed unanimously.

Mr. Jones gave a detailed summary of the refocus room and the benefits of such a place.  The way it works is to have a room where the students can work out their trauma with a certified behavior technician/refocus mentor that helps the students get into a learner mindset.

Ephraim Elementary emergency response plan. Talked about ideas about finding a building to meet in for a reunification plan. The ideas were the SNOW AC, south ward building, SNOW business building.

The 2018-19 final report was gone over with the council. Uses of funds were shown. All members voted unanimously to submit the final report.

The current 2019-20 plan was gone over. Mr. Jones talked about moving $4,000 from Trust Lands software to textbook to purchase Reading Horizon phonics kits instead of iSPIRE software, so that the Tier 2 intervention in grades K-2 would correlate with the Tier 1 whole class instruction. The school had been involved with different reading trainings that stated the importance of making sure these two areas matched. A motion was stated by Danni Larsen and seconded by Billie Cox. The vote was unanimous.

Halloween Costume Tradition change? Maybe next year (2020-2021) have the kids come in their costumes verses a dressing fiasco before the parade. Dani mentioned to let the teachers decide on an individual basis. Mr. Jones mentioned to let parents know in September about simplifying the costumes regiment and consider the durability of wearing them all day.

Agenda items, meeting date, time and place were discussed for the meeting on November 26th. Next meeting will take place on November 26th at 3:30pm.