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Ephraim Elementary School Community Council Meeting 

November 21, 2017– 3:30 PM

Ephraim Elementary Conference Room



November 21st 2017

Council members in attendance:  Principal Gannon Jones, Teacher: Marilee Larsen, Parents: Brooke Hallows, Shana Kumor, Jessie Jones, Andrew Bahlmann.

Council members not in attendance: 

The meeting took place at 3:30 in the Ephraim Elementary conference room.

  1. Welcome: Andy Bahlmann welcomed everyone.
  1. The current 2017-18 plan was gone over.
  1. Final End of Year 2016-17 review submitted.
  1. Digital citizenship training will be reviewed at next meeting in January.
  1. Chasing the Dragon Video—District wide push to watch the video on opioids.  Video is not appropriate for this age group, but discuss with students how we don’t take pills out of cabinets unless they are being used as prescribed.  This discussion needs to be more geared towards this age group. Possibly recommend to parents to watch the video first, and then decide whether or not they want their kids to see it. ---Track down the three screens (positivity over drugs).
  1. Wellness policy – Everything looks great.
  1. 2017-18 preliminary discussion—Hoping to not do software next year and use more decodable texts that coincide with the particular program.
  1. Anything from council members? Nothing to share.
  2. Agenda items, meeting date, time and place were discussed for the meeting on January 9th. Next meeting will take place on January 9th at 3:30.