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Manti Elementary School Wide Title I Parent Notification

In recognition that the parent is the child’s first and most important teacher, and that the parent’s continued involvement in the child’s education is essential for the success of the child, Manti Elementary is committed to building a strong parent-school partnership.  The following is notification of how Title l funds are used to support appropriate and effective learning for all students to ensure all students will have an equal opportunity to an outstanding education.  This notification is sent to all families via PowerSchool at the beginning of each school year.

TITLE I Overview

TITLE I was passed in 1965 under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  It is the largest federal assistance program for our nation's schools.  Title I schools receive extra funding from the federal government to support schools.  These funds can be used to:

  • identify academic difficulties and provide assistance to students 
  • fund staff, programs, materials, supplies 
  • conduct parent engagement meetings, trainings, events, activities 

A school with at least 50% free or reduced lunch is eligible to plan a school wide program.  For the 2021-2022 school year, Manti Elementary qualifies as a Title I school as we have more than 50%.  

Our school uses Title I Funds to improve student achievement and growth in core academic areas including reading, math, and science. 

  • We use fund to provide reading intervention to students
  • Purchase high quality materials and supplies
  • Hire paraprofessionals that work with students to improve reading, math, and science.


The Manti Elementary school wide program:
  • Is built on school wide reform strategies, rather than on separate add-on services.
  • Provides flexibility spending the Title I funds as the school engages in strategies that increase the amount and quality of learning time and help by hiring paraprofessionals to work in each classroom and provide a high quality curriculum for all children.
  • Teachers meet weekly in professional learning communities focusing on academic results to determine needed interventions and enrichment.
  • Teachers are provided opportunities to participate in professional development, building their capacity and knowledge in academic areas targeted for improvement.


As a part of consolidated planning, the school conducts a comprehensive needs assessment of all children and the school based on their performance toward meeting the academic expectations.  The needs assessment will identify priority needs in student performance in content areas (reading/writing, science, mathematics, social studies, physical education/health and arts.  Decisions about how resources (personnel, supplies, etc.) are used will be based on the needs assessment and meet the requirements of a school wide program.


The focus of a school wide program is to raise the performance level of all students by improving the overall instructional program in the school through the integration of the Title I program and other state and federal programs.


The school wide curriculum will be based on: A comprehensive plan that is based on information on the performance of children in relation to the state core content and student performance standards. 

English Language Arts (Reading, Language, Writing);

  1. Tier 1 Programs:  Into Reading (Comprehensive reading program using in Kindergarten through 5th grade), Discover Phonics (Kindergarten through 3rd Grade), Heggerty (phonological awareness), Write from the Beginning an On (Writing), Thinking Maps (Graphic Organizers), Lexia (Online reading software
  2. Tier 2 and 3:  Early Steps, Next Steps, STAR Reading, Amira (AI Software), Power Hour Intervention time (Sidewalks, Discover Phonics, etc.).  Small group and/or individual instruction is also used for intervention.
  3. Assessments
    1. State: Acadience Reading (K-5) given at the beginning, middle, and end of every school year, KEEP (Kindergarten) given at the beginning and end of kindergarten.
    2. School Assessments that are given throughout the school year: TPRI, Fountas and Pinnell, Core Phonics, Into Reading Module Assessments, LEXIA, IXL Language Arts, Classroom assessments, etc.


  1. Tier I Program: My Math, Kindergarten through 5th Grade
  2. Tier 2 Programs: IXL, ALEKS, iReady, 
  3. Assessments
    1. State: RISE Summative (3-5) given at the end of the school year, Acadience Math (1-3) given at the beginning, middle, and end of every school year, KEEP (Kindergarten) given at the beginning and end of kindergarten.
    2. School Assessment that are given throughout the school year:  RISE Benchmarks, IXL Math, ALEKS, iReady, Chapter Assessments in Math Program


  1. Tier I Programs:  Generation Genius, Utah State Curriculum Booklets, Manti Elementary STEM Room lessons that are created using all Utah Standards.
  2. Assessments
    1. State: RISE Summative (4-5) given at the end of the school year,
    2. School School Assessment that are given throughout the school year: Generation Genius quizzes, teacher created assessments, student projects, etc.

School Wide Performance on State Assessments

  1. Information related to school wide performance on state assessments can be found at  Families will be provided with their child’s information during parent teacher conferences.  


We encourage parents to be active participants in our school.  Parents are encouraged and welcome to volunteer in classrooms in a variety of capacities.  

We have a strong, active Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) providing multiple opportunities for parents to become involved.   

The Star Reading program requires a minimum of 30 volunteer tutors consisting of parents and community members to work with students 30 minutes per day, two days per week.

The DARE program coordinated through the Sanpete County Sheriff's educates and informs children and parents on drug awareness, peer pressure, and responsible citizenship behaviors.

Manti Elementary is implementing the Leader in Me program for the 2021-2022 school year teaching students Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits for Highly Effective people.  The goal is to help every child see his/her leadership potential and act upon it. The school will hold a “Leader in Me” parent night in the fall as well as a Leadership Day in the spring. Parents, community members and dignitaries are encouraged to attend.

Parents will be given useful information on their child’s academic progress during parent teacher conferences or earlier if requested by the parent.  All student results from state assessments including Utah’s RISE test results; Acadience reading and math test results, professional formal/informal assessments and observations, and daily work progress will be communicated to parents. In addition, they will be advised as to how to use this information to help improve their child’s performance.  As requested, parents may meet with teachers outside of these conferences.  

If a child has been assigned to, or taught, for 4 or more consecutive weeks by a teacher/substitute who doesn’t meet applicable State licensure requirements, the school will notify families in a timely manner.  

School related information, including most Title I information, will be sent out via PowerSchool.  If you aren’t receiving messages, please contact the school office.  Families are also invited to follow us on Facebook, Manti Elementary School News, and our PTO’s Facebook, Manti Elementary PTO.


Following community nominations and an election process a school community council consisting of parents, teachers and principal is organized. The School Community Council meets every other month beginning in October at the school to which all parents are welcome to attend.  Meetings are typically held the 3rd Wednesday in October, November, January March and April consist of: 

  1. Explanation of the Title I school wide program and activities provided and give parents opportunity to offer input into the planning and reviewing of the Parent Involvement policy and to sign the Parent-Teacher Compact.
  2. School academic data will be examined to determine areas in need of improvement and then determine how to use Land Trust funds to facilitate academic growth and improvement.
  3. Parents will be informed of school safety/emergency plans and work as a committee to ensure student safety.
  4. Parents will be advised that input and suggestions concerning organization and implementation of the school wide program will be welcome at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, call the front office, etc.  Email addresses are found on our school website:  For questions relating to Title I, please contact the front office.