MES New 20202

March 16, 2022

Community Council Minutes for meeting held at Manti Elementary School at 1:00 on March 16, 2022

Members Present: David Ipson, Sonnie Jensen, Lindsay Braithwaite, Kristi Wintch, Justin Bradley, Becca Christensen, Charae Moon

Members Absent: Traci Buchanon (excused)

Lindsay opened the meeting,  Mr. Ipson read through the February minutes. Kristi made a motion to approve the minutes. None opposed the motion. 

The School Counselor started a kindness initiative.  We had a kind quarterly activity and assembly to combat bullying and be kind.

Charae gave information about the NAEP. Appropriately aged and easy to manage. 

Mrs.  Bratton was highlighted  on UEN. Our school Tech Team went on a Tech field trip. Mr. Ipson said we have a great lead on maker’s space and computer science.

Next week will be PTO safety week, focusing on different elements for the week. Firefighters and Sergeant Kirkham will be used as a resource to help with safety.

May Day is beginning after Spring Break.

Assessment schedule is KEEP May 10, Acadience: Reading May  2-13 , Math May 2-6.

Rise schedule: writing: April 11-15, science: April 18-22, Reading: April 25-29, Math 2-6.

2022-2023 Trustlands Plan Action Item

Proposed goal: All students will show typical or above growth in math and reading using Acadience Assessment data. Every kid can grow. It looks different for every kid. 

Justin wants to approve portions of the plan as we go along.  Justin moves to approve Trustlands goal.  Lindsay seconds the motion. All in favor, none opposed.

Action steps: $76,010. Total proposal.  

Hire paraprofessionals. $53,000

BTSA $5,000

Leader in Me $8075

Improve Technology=$6500:  ipads$5000, Printers $1500. 

Provide PD for school staff in areas of math and reading $2000

Purchase books and textbooks for math and reading interventions $1435

If needs arise, left over or unused funds will go towards action steps mentioned above.

Justin made a motion to approve the budget. Unanimously approved.  Kristi seconded the motion.  

The Plan will be publicitized using the marquee, school newsletter, school website. 

Justin made a motion to approve the plan in its entirety. Kristi seconded the motion.  THe council Unanimously approved.

Council Signature form will come to emails.  

Justin made a motion to move the April meeting to April 6th. Kristi seconded the motion.  

Dave Ipson reviewed the calendar items for the rest of the year. 

Justin moved to adjourn the meeting, Kristi seconded. No opposed.