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Teacher and Student Success Act Plan 2023-34


School Year 2023-2024

According to the Teacher and Student Success Act, SB 149, from the 2019 general session, under the section 53G-7-1206 (4)(a), it requires, “An LEA governing board shall adopt an LEA governing board student success framework to provide guidelines and processes for a school within the LEA governing board’s LEA to follow in developing a teacher and student success plan.”

School Name

Gunnison Valley ELementary


Due to the Superintendent

  1. Analyze Current Data (Current Year)

For the 22-23 school years our percentage of students proficient on  Acadience Reading at the beginning of the year was  61% to end of year at 76%. 

For proficiency in Acadience math the BOY was 44% and EOY was 65%.  

Rise scores. .. 49% Math and 48% ELA

  1. Goal

1- 80% of our students are proficient on the EOY Acadience Reading and Math Assessment.

2- 3rd-5th grade student will be 50% proficient on the ELA and math RISE assessment.

  1. Academic Area



  1. Measurement(s)

The Acadience Reading and Math assessment will be taken in all grades.  It  is given three times a year and will be used to measure student progress. Progress monitoring probes are also used monthly to check student progress. The EOY assessment will be used for the final evaluation.

RISE assessments and benchmarks will be used to determine growth in math and language arts in 3rd – 5th grade. 

  1. Action Plan Steps

1- Tier 1 instruction using our basal texts, Into Reading and My Math. 

2- Tier 2 instruction for all students who are not proficient. Paraprofessionals will provide extra support in reading during Power Hour and math camp. An additional diagnostic test will be given to all students who are not proficient in reading and math. 

3- Extensions for advanced students during Power Hour and math camp.

4- Students use iPads to help with and practice reading and math skills in Power Hour and in their regular class. (Accelerated Reader,  Reflex Math, iReady, ALEKS, Generation Genius)

5- Professional development focused on reading, writing and math will be provided to teachers and paraprofessionals.

6- An instructional coach will be available to all teachers for help with tier 1 and tier 2 instruction.

7- A coach will also be available for paras to help with instruction.

  1. Expenditures (Use Excel Spreadsheet)

$ 22, 851.00 for paraprofessionals

$ 2,500 FICA

$ 2,500 Retirement

$ 6,400.00 Para coaches/PBIS coordinators

$12,000 Software

$ 48,165.01 Coach


Measures to Improve Performance or School Academic Achievement

List threshold of points under the statewide accountability system

School’s Current Points

School’s Expected Points

Trajectory Points Needed for 1% Improvement

Did School Achieve the Needed Points?




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Teacher and Student Success Act Plan 2022-23

Gunnison Valley Elementary

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TSSA For GVES for the 2022-23 School year