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Financial Proposal and Report

This report is automatically generated from the School Plan entered in the spring of 2019 and from the LEA's data entry of the School LAND Trust expenditures in 2019-2020.

DescriptionPlanned Expenditures
(entered by the school)
Amended Expenditures
(entered by the school)
Actual Expenditures
(entered by the LEA)
Remaining Funds (Carry-Over to 2020-2021)  -$3,208.24 
Carry-Over from 2018-2019


$0.00 $4,198.00  
Distribution for 2019-2020


$0.00 $85,736.00  
Total Available for Expenditure in 2019-2020


Salaries and Benefits


$0.00 $56,212.34  
Contracted Services


$0.00 $2,619.30  
Books Curriculum Subscriptions


$0.00 $7,664.45  
Technology Related Supplies


$0.00 $6,765.50  


$0.00 $0.00  
General Supplies


$0.00 $19,880.65  
USBE Administrative Adjustment - Scroll to the bottom to see Comments.     $0.00  
Total Expenditures



Goal #1close

State Goalclose

Goal # 1 Gunnison Valley Elementary Community Council members have set a goal to use School Trust Lands money to improve in three areas: reading, writing and math. Currently 73% of our students are proficient on the mid-year DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency benchmark. Our goal is by May 2019 to have 80% of our students proficient on the end of year DIBELS benchmark. We would also like our math and language arts RISE scores to improve by 3%-5%.

Academic Areaclose

  • English/Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • English/Language Arts



This is the measurement identified in the plan to determine if the goal was reached.

The DIBELS assessment, which is given three times a year, will be used to measure student progress. Progress monitoring probes are also used monthly to check student progress. The end of year assessment will be used for the final evaluation. RISE assessments and benchmarks will be used to determine growth in math and language arts in 3rd to 5th grade. Common benchmark tests will be given in k-2 to determine growth.

Please show the before and after measurements and how academic performance was improved.

Action Stepsclose

This is the Action Plan Steps identified in the plan to reach the goal.

1- Tier 1 instruction using our basal text.
2- Tier 2 instruction for all students who are not proficient. Paraprofessionals will provide extra support in reading and math during Power Hour (60 min. small group instruction for all students)
3- Extensions for advanced students during Power Hour as well.
4- Students use iPads to help with and practice reading and math skills in Power Hour and in their regular class. (Accelerated Reader, Lexia, Reflex Math)
5- Accelerate Reader will be used to help build and monitor reading comprehension.
6- Professional development focused on reading, writing and math will be provided to teachers and paraprofessionals.

Please explain how the action plan was implemented to reach this goal.

Digital Citizenship/Safety Principles Componentclose


Summary of Estimated Expenditures

CategoryEstimated Cost
(entered by the school)
Expendable items that are consumed, wornout or lose identity through use (paper, science and art supplies), food for a cooking class, a field trip, or a parent night (consistent with LEA policy) $20,000.00
Software < $5,000 $7,500.00
Contracted Services (counseling, library and media support, employee training including professional development not requiring an overnight stay) $3,000.00
Salaries and Benefits (teachers, aides, specialists, productivity, substitutes) $43,000.00
Books, Ebooks, online curriculum/subscriptions $12,500.00

Funding Changes

The school plan describes how additional funds exceeding the estimated distribution would be spent. This is the description.

If there is an increase in funding, we will use it for additional paraprofessionals, textbooks or supplies.

Description of how any additional funds exceeding the estimated distribution were actually spent.

Extra funds were spent on paraprofessionals.


The following items are the proposed methods of how the Plan would be publicized to the community:

  • School newsletter
  • School website

The school plan was actually publicized to the community in the following way(s):

  Letters to policy makers and/or administrators of trust lands and trust funds.

  Other: Please explain.

  School assembly

  School marquee

  School newsletter

  School website

  Sticker and stamps that identify purchases made with School LAND Trust funds.


Council Plan Approvals

Number ApprovedNumber Not ApprovedNumber AbsentVote Date
6 0 0 2019-04-04