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Community Council Minutes
November 3, 2021
3 pm GVES Faculty Room
In attendance: Kassie Donaldson, Elise Bown, Erin Cherry, Kyleigh Bown, Arleen Jensen. By
Zoom – Rachel Jensen. Absent – Marci Childs
1 – October Minutes: Rachel Jensen made a motion to approve the minutes from the October
6 th community council meeting. Seconded by Kyleigh Bown.
2 – Training video: The council watched a training video that was presented by the Utah State
Office of Education on the roles and responsibilities of the council members.
3 – New Member: Lenna Hansen was originally on the council. She has recently moved out of
the area so we will need to appoint a new member. The council nominated Rachel Jensen to fill
this position. The motion was made by Kassie Donaldson. A second was made by Kyleigh
4 – Current spending: We reviewed the current budget expenditures. Everything is on track as
5 – Title 1/School-parent compact: By law we have to notify parents that we are a Title-One
school. We usually do this at back-to-school night. This year we will be sending home a parent
information page. The school-parent compact will be reviewed by the committee and sent at a
later time.
Title-one requires that all para educators need to be classified as highly qualified. Mrs. Bown
and the District are working with para educators to complete this requirement.
Acadience date will be sent home after MOY testing is complete.
6 – PBIS…Bulldogs strong: Mrs. Jensen showed the committee the matrix that we use and
talked about how it is working. Kids have been taught what it means. The Blue Crew are
student leaders that help with activities and assemblies. We are having assemblies again but
are limiting the time we are together and are having them in two different groups.
7 – TSSA – Teacher Student Success Act Plan helps provide support in ELA and Math.
8 – Review wellness policy: The committee reviewed the wellness policy. We talked about
treats, school lunch and recess time. Parent have no complaints on what we are doing or
serving. They love the Fresh Fruits and Vegetable program. Currently we have had to scale
back the organized PE program and parents are feel bad about that. We are working on a
remedy to this problem.
9 – Questions and concerns: There was a concern about our early out Friday and after school
programs. It is felt that too many kids are spending time alone after school and that we need
some sort of after school program. We didn’t address this yet but we are going to look into it.
Lori Dunn at the high school could be contacted to see if high school students could help. We
will see what resources and help we can find.
PIC held their red ribbon week activities. They went well. Officer Buege came to the assembly.
The volunteers were diverse and we had great help.
Chantelle Nay and her daughter are working well with the art program they are doing with
students once a month. It is part of our social emotional learning. It is going very well and the
students love it.
10 – Our next meeting will be held February 2, 2022