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The following situations will be classified as sluff:

1.Absence from school without permission and/or knowledge of parents, guardian, or school.

2.When a student has been in attendance during the morning or afternoon session and leaves the campus without checking out through the office.

3.The cutting of an individual class.

4.Leaving class (without the teacher's permission) after the class has begun.

5.Leaving school without proper authorization from parent or guardian, (phone call or note).

6.Attending school until noon and then not returning fro the afternoon session.  Students must have "prior" permission to do this either by a note or phone call.  (Notes and phone calls will not be accepted at the end of the day or the next day.)

7.Obtaining a pass or permission to go a certain place and not reporting there.

8.Leaving the campus during an assembly, activity, etc. . . .

9.When a student has been absent the entire day and no note or phone call was received by the school within the one day "Grace" period.


Parents will be notified as soon as possible when a sluff occurs. (By phone if possible, if not, then by a letter.)



In addition to receiving no credit for the work missed in the class(es) sluffed, he/she will also be disciplined in the following ways:

1.Miss the next scheduled dance.

2.Can't make up work missed.


1.Each time a student sluffs, he/she will not be allowed to make up the assignments or tests missed.

2.The punishment for sluffing will increase for each additional time a student sluffs. The following disciplinary actions will be used for students who habitually sluff:

a. Parents will be required to meet with the principal before the student may return to school.

b. The student will be suspended for 1-5 days, depending upon number of sluffs. (School work can be made up during a suspension).

c. Participants in extra-curricular activities will be suspended from participating in the next two activities. (Habitual sluffing by a student who participates in extracurricular activities will result in being be dropped from the group, club, etc.)

d. Students not in extra-curricular activities will be suspended from two activities, etc... at the discretion of the administration.

e. The student could be placed on 5-10 days of HOME STUDY program. (In this program, the student is sent home to be in the custody of his parent/guardian. The student is permitted to do his school work, but under no condition may the student be on school property during this time.)

f. A change in class schedule.

g. In-school suspension.

h. Counseling.

I. The student and his parents/guardians must meet with the Superintendent before returning to school.

j. When all options to eliminate the sluffing have failed, the principal will recommend to the School Board that the student be expelled from school