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Valuables should not be kept in the school lockers. Lockers are rented to the students, and the administration reserves the right for periodic checks. Students are cautioned not to bring large amounts of money to school. No food or drinks are allowed in school lockers. Students who abuse their locker or do not keep it clean will not have a locker. Locks have been removed in the East hall due to physical damage of the lockers by students anyone wishing to have a lock installed should contact the office.  If a locker with a lock is abused by pounding kicking etc. the lock will be removed.  Adhesive stickers , labels, etc., are not permitted in lockers..

If the item doesn’t fit in the locker, leave it home. Classrooms and the office will not be used for storage of student property during the day. Violations of this will result in the loss of an activity. Athletic equipment used for after-school activities will be stored in a designated area, not in the office.