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Community Council GVMS 9/19/2023
Adam Peterson
Sharon Mecham 
Emily Madsen
Natalie Dyreng
Bonnie Marker
Brian Keisel
Marilee Peterson
Welcome- Adam Peterson
  • Introduced new members
    • Natalie Dyreng is our PTO Vice President.
    • Bonnie Marker is our Student Body President.
    • Tera Pickett is our new secretary.
  • trust Land Plan- Adam went over the how, when, what and why of Community Council.
  • Adam shared a short video about how things are ran on the state level.
Wellness: Lunch and Nutrition- Marilee Peterson
  • The National School System Lunch Theme this year is Level Up With School Lunch.
  • National School Lunch Week is October 9th-13th, 2023.
  • Each school lunch meal is required to have dairy, protein, fruit, vegetable, and grain in it. 
  • Calories and proportions for each meal are factored in according to age. 
  • A study by Stanford University shows when students eat a healthy meal test scores go up and behavioral problems decrease. 
English Language Learner (ELL)- Sharon Mecham
  • Fourth Annual Family Fun Night Fiesta was held on September 18th, 2023. Ana Robledo entertained the guest by dancing. They ate dinner that was prepared by the middle school cooks. 20 people attended. 
  • Sharon Mecham said, "Our goal is to make all Spanish families feel welcome in our school and community."
Mental Health and Counseling- Sharon Mecham
  • Sharon went over mental health resources that are offered to GVMS parents and students, as well as everyone in Utah. Out state is really invested in strengthening mental health. For any concern or crisis, you can call or text the crisis line at 988. Spanish language is available. See attached handouts that were presented to the council:
    • Free coaching for parents- Level Up Your Parenting
    • Your child has talked about ending their life: What's next?
    • Side effects of social media
    • When Firearm Safety and Safe Storage is your Goal.
Next meeting is January 16th, 2024