GVMS real
GVMS Community Council Meeting
September 20, 2022
Members present:
  • Jeff Bartholomew
  • Sharon Mecham
  • Mindy Coates
  • Emily Madsen
  • Kassie Donaldson
  • Brenda Maldonado
  • Alissa Liddiard
  • Ella Anderson
  • Katie Echavarria
  • Patsy Graves
Welcome Mr. Bartholomew
  • Items discussed:
    • New HCVC units installed this summer
    • School safety drills – required to have 4 per year
    • Fire drill and Shelter in Place (Gunnison Police Dept. brought the canine unit in for training)
PCBL – Focus on Learning
Standard – “I can” statements
More reflective of what the stent is leaning – grades are separated into 2
categories – Learning and Behavior.
Multiple ways to learn
Juab training- September 26
  • State Bank is our sponsor
  • Kindness is our focus – “Bulldog Strong” Program
  • Recognize kids for positives
Theme for year – “Kindness is Key”
Mental Health yearly themes:
  • Sept – Suicide prevention
  • Oct – Respect
  • Nov – Gratitude
  • Dec – Service
  • Jan – Connection
  • Feb – Self-compassion
  • Mar – self-care
  • April – Stress awareness
  • May – Timeout for fun
Counseling – Sharon Mecham
  • Welcome Hispanic parent to the committee
    “Guiding Good Choices Parenting” class, coming up had great participation last year.
  • Jaylynn Olsen – additional mental health provider – will have various student groups
    throughout the year. Activities for monthly themes.
  • PTO – A Friday a month will do a fundraiser during lunch
  • Lunch activities - 4 square painted on sidewalks, bought balls, 2-9 squares purchased. Have helped to gives students something to do rather than get into trouble.
Working on getting a pickle ball court
Student Counsel: (Activities to this point)
  • Summer retreat for training, dance, taught 6 th grade some dance steps, Welcome Back Assembly
  • Will attend training at GVHS for middle school SBO’s October 15.
New things happening:
Laura Barlow
Doing a news broadcast with her classes for the 6th grade
Alisa Liddiard
  • Working with Hispanic students and encouraging them to get involved in school Activities and Hispanic month
  • Red Ribbon Week theme: Celebrate Life
Next Meeting January 17, 2023