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Community Council Meeting

January 12, 2021
Members present: Kassie DonaldsonKnightly ChildsPatsy GravesJeff BartholomewSharon MechamSheryl Vernon

Topics of discussion:

Jeff Bartholomew conducted the meeting


Sheryl Vernon – PBIS:
  • Due to Covid – goal was to keep the year simple
  • Took some date from teachers
    • Asked to give out more Bulldog Strong cards
    • Talked to Student Council
    • What is happening in the different areas of the school
  • State Bank of Southern Utah will be a sponsor of the PBIS (Bulldog Strong) program and
    has pledged money to support the prizes rewarded
  • Mrs. Pike has had an art contest to produce a tee shirt and stickers to help finance

Standard Based Grading:
  • State going toward this type of grading in approximately 2 years
  • Based on standards in each class rather than English or math as a whole (fractions, pronouns, etc) Citizenship and attendance also added into the mix.
  • Juab and Davis districts already participating and it has been successful
  • Explains better as to what the student learned.
  • Increases student learning and understanding and involves the parents.
  • Very specific standards attached to each class, better performance on state tests.
  • For all classes not just core classes.

Food Pantry:
  • Recognized that Gunnison and surrounding towns are part of Sanpete county
  • Food bags go out each Friday – call 8 to 10 students in need
  • Goal to have Food pantry in Gunnison – looking at old elementary
  • Doing canvasing to see the need
Covid-19 Update
  • 4 to 5 students on Edgenuity – 2 students coming back to regular school
  • Vaccines start January 13 for district employees

Trust Lands:

  • Money this year going toward para educators
  • Working on getting GearUp back for next year
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays – tutoring after school from 3-4pm
    • Staying after to help: John Jensen, Chris Jensen, Makesha Cox and Lindsey Morris
  • No FLEX this year due to Covid restrictions and complications
    • Data shows that FLEX brought up student assignments but not testing results.

WIDA test scores:
  • ESL classes going well this year – hoping for an increase in testing scores
  • When Covid is over hoping for parenting classes to target Hispanic parents. Incentives discussed for participation has been to provide meals, babysitting, community events and pay for soccer entry fees.
  • There has been some interest, but due to Covid it will not happen this year.
  • Want the parents to see how important education is and need their help
WIDA testing February 22, 2021
Going to test on computers rather than ipads.

  • Reflections coming up soonCC

    NEXT MEETING March 9, 2021