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Community Council Meeting

October 6, 2020

Members present:  Jeff Bartholomew, Sharon Mecham, Dia Mower, Laura Belnap, Kassie Donaldson, Angela Leatherrwood, Melissa Sorenson, Sheryl Vernon, Patsy Graves, Knightly Childs

Topics of Discussion:

Jeff Bartholomew conducted the meeting.

Introduced Sherly Vernon

            She spoke about PBIS  - Data driven, survey was sent out to parents

            Drawings every 2 weeks during lunches – prizes

            Funding within school – no donors due to the Covid situation

            Funding approximately $2500 - $2000

            Include faculty, staff and student council about kinds of prizes, etc.

            Knightly was given an assignment to discuss in Student council

Covid update:

            14 students were involved in the district Edgenuity online program (6 have returned to school)

            Angela Leatherwood has her students in the online program and said that she really likes it. She said there is teacher on screen, quizzes at the end of each assignment and 
                      tests at the end of each unit. Time each day:  1-1.5 hours each class and there are 5 classes each day.  Total commitment for a parent to be involved in the program.

            Work needs to be completed at the end of each quarter.

            Buses – seating chart, masks.

            Classrooms – seating charts, kids clean desks when they arrive.

            Lunch – seating charts when inside, good weather they are outside.

            Starting October 7 – Students will go to their first hour classes as they arrive.  NO walking in the halls or being outside – especially now as the weather is getting colder.

Trust Lands

            Money for this year went towards hiring more paras, especially since we lost Gear up this year – no after school program .

            Some money for equipment – to be decided at a later date

Flex  (Bulldog Hour)

            Due to Covid concerns, Flex will be one day a week, Tuesdays, startng October 13.

                        6th grade will go to their first hour

                        7th ad 8th grade will go to their Target classes

                        Digital citizenship and various other topics will be discussed during that time.

Red Ribbon Week – theme:  Be Happy, Be Brave...

            There is a theme each day

            Yasmine Heywood will talk to each grade about mental health

            Writing contest