* If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, please use the log in button on your iPad. 
     Always be sure to log in after switching networks or extend time without use.  

* When charging your iPad, if it is placed in airplane mode it will charge more quickly

*Always try to give your iPad a full charge before unplugging it from charging.

* Turn your iPad off overnight at least once a month

* Be sure to close all browsing windows when finished. (Safari, click the double squares, right hand corner, and then swipe to close all open windows)

* If the iPad is not working right, try updating.  (Settings, General, software update). iPad must be at least 65% charged or plugged in to update..

* Please try to only use Apple charge cords and blocks, this assures your device will be charged correctly.

* If any iPad issues are not resolved with charging, turning off and updating, do a hard reset. (This is done by holding the on/off button and home button until the apple logo appears, then let go).

* Your iPad should be protected with a passcode.  Please write that code down and remember it. If it is forgotten, your iPad will have to be erased.

* Forgotten passwords may be reset at https://am.ssanpete.org/

Please do not be hesitant to contact your school IT department if there are problems with the iPad that cannot be fixed with the above solutions.

Please let your school IT department know immediately if the iPad screen or iPad is damaged is broken

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