Quick Reference For iPad Agreement EEC Policy

  1. Students must bring the iPad to school each day fully charged for class.
  2. Students have no expectation of privacy in regards to the use of the iPad. School administration and teachers have the right to access all data and information on the iPad, including, but not limited to Internet browser history.
  3. The iPad is the property of South Sanpete School District. Parents and students agree that it will only be used in accordance with the South Sanpete School District Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Any damage or loss may result in financial liability in accordance with the SSSD Costs, Repair and Replacement Policy.
  4. Parents and students are responsible for making sure the iPad is kept in a safe
  5. Parents and student agree that all “apps” and content to be installed on the iPad must be from SSSD Self-service.
  6. Students’ must keep the iPad in the protective case, with protective screen cover provided and have a passcode on at all times.
  7. Students leaving the South Sanpete School District must return the iPad and accessories to the school they are leaving.
  8.  All iPads may be seized and inspected at anytime without notice.

Elementary School iPads

  1. Keep your passcode, passwords confidential
  2. Always be kind and courteous
  3. Student users must always get permission from their instructors before using the internet. Students will follow written and/or oral classroom instruction.
  4. Only go to sites that have been approved by your instructor.
  5. Aimlessly surfing the web is always an inappropriate school activity


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