District Technology Goals 2019-20

  • District Supported Programs
    Goal: The District Technology Department will trouble shoot and train on the following programs/applications:  
  • Canvas
  • Illuminate
  • Alert
  • PowerSchool
  • Carousel
  • Apple TVs
  • Apple Classroom
  • Current testing platform
  • Google tools
  • Teacher Training
    Goal: The District Technology Department will provide at least one district-wide training day a year for professional development in innovative uses of technology. In addition, ongoing training will be offered at each school.
  • Professional Development day in September 
  • Additional day with Apple
  • Classroom Teacher Support
    Goal: The Instructional Technology Specialist will meet current needs of individual teachers and facilitate learning of best practices using technology. 
  • Digital Citizenship
    Goal: The District Technology Department will send out resources once a month to teachers and staff.  Teachers will build upon the monthly topic in their classes and incorporate the topic in their lessons.
  • PLCT Meetings (Professional Learning Community of Technology)
    Goal: Each building will hold technology meeting to address needs of the school and personnel. Findings will be reported to the District Technology Department
  • Site Specialist and Principal – Once a week
  • Site Specialist and District Technology Department – Once a month
  • Site Specialist and Teachers – Once a month
  • Technology Department and Program Directors – Once a month
  • Technology Department and Superintendent – once a month or as needed
  • iPads- This is the educational tool that is supported in the district. One to one in grades 3-12.  All students have access to iPads. 
    Goal: Students will become increasingly proficient at using the iPad as an educational tool.
  • Updates
    Goal: Four-year rotation of infrastructure, hardware and software. 
  • Security
    Goal:  Security of students, staff, teachers and administrations is always a concern.  We at South Sanpete School District take it very seriously and are constantly educating personnel on how to enhance digital safety.
  • Evaluation
    Goal: Technology tools will be evaluated on a regular basis to determine current needs, cost efficiency, and staying up to date with state requirements.

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