Welcome to the South Sanpete School District Special Education Information Site. We seek to identify and serve all students ages 3-22 who qualify for Special Education services.  South Sanpete values highly effective instructional practices in meeting the unique and individualized needs of our students through comprehensive assessment and planning towards academic achievement and college/career readiness.  We believe all students with individualized education plans (IEPs) deserve to receive the same rigorous instruction as their non-IEP peers in the general education setting with accommodations and supports. In all our efforts, we work towards and help our students in their quest to accomplish their possible dreams and fullest potential.

SSSD Special Education Commitment Statement: South Sanpete School District will provide effective instructional opportunities to prepare all students with disabilities toward success and independence as productive, contributing, self-determined, and self-learning citizens in our communities through:

  1. A free and appropriate public education in the least-restrictive environment

  2. Evidence-based teaching practices and instruction

  3. Data-driven responsiveness to individual student needs

  4. Positively challenging and strengthening student effort

  5. Continual development of highly qualified staff

  6. Collaboration and comprehensive, individualized planning with each student with their support-team members

  7. Valuing and preparing students towards their obtainable and preferential goals in career, education, and independent living

Continuum of Placement:

South Sanpete School District provides a free and appropriate public education for students in the least-restrictive environment according to each student’s individualized needs in the following settings:

  • General education setting with supports in the classroom

  • General education setting with supports from the resource classroom

  • General education setting with supports from the special classrooms

  • Self-contained classrooms

  • Home and Hospital

Notice of Destruction of Records
On October 29, 2015, the South Sanpete School District Office had a flood on its main floor that poured into the records room below which destroyed most of the Special Education records stored in it.  District Special Education staff took great efforts to salvage as many of the records as possible.  Soiled records were destroyed as a health concern and on the recommendation from the Utah State Board of Education. Anyone who received Special Education services in the South Sanpete School District and will be 25 years old on or before July 1, 2019, has the right to obtain existing Special Education records from Aaron Peterson at 835-2261.   If the person whose name appears on them, or their legal representative does not request the records, the records will be destroyed July 19, 2019.  If the person whose name appears on the record is older than 25 years old, the records have been destroyed in accordance with an earlier announcement.

South Sanpete School District Special Education Child Find
The South Sanpete School District Department of Special Education is attempting to contact persons with disabilities from birth and to age twenty-one in compliance with the Federal law, which mandates the provision of free educational programs and/or services for such persons. If a child is having significant difficulty with vision, hearing, speech, behavior, or is experiencing slow development untypical for his/her age, physical impairments, or learning difficulty, he/she may be a child with a disability. If you know of any child whom you feel might qualify for these services, including students suspected of having a disability even though they are advancing from grade to grade, in a private school, homeless, youth in custody and care, or migrant, please contact the principal of your school or the Special Education office of South Sanpete School District at 435-835-2261.

The Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship
By Utah Law, 53A1a-704(10), school districts are required to inform parents for the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for private school.