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In order to develop social awareness, students must understand that all actions have consequences and their actions and consequences can, and often do, affect others.

In this lesson your child learned that words have consequences and that words have the power to either encourage or hurt others. Strategies to help your child choose his or her words include:

STOP and pause before saying something.
THINK about how your words will make the other person feel. Are your words kind? Helpful? Nice?
OPT or choose words that encourage others and make them smile.
PROCEED! Once you’ve taken time to stop, think, and opt or choose, then say it!

Here are a few ways you can help your child think about his or her words before he or she says them:

  • Model pausing before you speak. By pausing and choosing your own words carefully, you will reinforce the importance of choosing your words carefully.
  • When your child does say something that hurts others, work together to determine what other words he or she could have used and what the outcome of those words would have been.
  • Learning that actions have consequences and ways to use words to encourage others will help your child use his or her words to encourage and help others!