Sample Letter # 2
(Use school Letter Head)


Child’s Name_____________________________            Date:___________________


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Enclosed you will find a printout of your student’s attendance record for the _______________school year. Your student has missed ______days. This number of absences greatly reduces the chances of your child’s success in school.

Compulsory school attendance for students is mandated by State Law and by District Policy. Each student needs to be in school except when they are properly excused for acceptable reasons. Please review the District Attendance Policy that you received at the time of registration.

I know that you share in this concern just as we do. The school is willing to assist you and your student in anyway in correcting his/her attendance problem. I am recommending that you make an appointment with the office for a parent-teacher-principal conference to discuss a corrective plan of action.

If the attendance problem continues and your student reaches a total of ___ absences during the school year, the District may make a “non-judicial” referral to Sixth District Juvenile Court and/or DCFS.




Principal or Designee

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