Adopted: 11-18-75
Revised: 11-16-05


The South Sanpete Board of Education believes that there are instances where live animals should be available in educational activities so that students can be given appropriate opportunities to receive training in the proper care of animals and in the critical observation of animal behavior. There are also instances in which well planned live animal investigation proves to be beneficial in helping students to acquire positive scientific and humane attitudes that promote care and respect for life should be basic in the use of animals. Teachers who use live animals in the learning process should be aware that issues of moral concern to students may be involved.


Because the use of animals in an instructional setting may evoke varying emotional reactions in students, the readiness of students to participate in demonstrations or experiments in which animals are used should be determined prior to involving students in such activities.

Teachers shall follow the most current guidelines outlined in the USOE's official document titled "Utah Guidelines for Responsible Use of Animals in the Classroom" when using animals in educational activities.

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