Revision of old policy Teachers Aides (1978)
Approved: 3/12/03


South Sanpete School District recognizes that paraprofessionals are an integral part of the instructional process in schools. They are under the supervision of a principal, teacher, or other certificated person and provide a broad variety of instructional assistance and responsibilities varying with assignment and school.


Conditions of employment for paraprofessionals will be based upon the applicant having a high school diploma, a background check, and meeting one of the three qualifications listed below:

1. Completed 48 semester hours at an institution of higher learning;

2. Obtained an Associate's Degree; or

3. Passed a formal state academic assessment (test), which demonstrates knowledge of, and the ability to assist in instructing math, reading, and writing.

Duties and Responsibilities:

A paraprofessional may not provide any instructional service to a student unless the paraprofessional is working under the direct supervision of a teacher. The teacher remains the diagnostician for learning, the manager of learning experiences, and the decision maker in learning situations. Paraprofessionals may assist in many nonprofessional activities, and may assume the role of a substitute in assisting the teacher in the instructional program.

Even though the duties and responsibilities for paraprofessionals may vary from school to school depending upon staffing patterns and types of assistance needed, they are considered valued employees because they contribute to the learning process of students.

Paraprofessionals shall be of good moral character and meet other similar qualifications and expectations required of other employees and work wholeheartedly toward a wholesome school environment. They shall be given initial and ongoing inservice training provided by the school system designed to give them an understanding of their role in the public education system; to orient them to the importance of their potential contribution; to provide them with the latest findings in educational research; and to define their relationship to the professional staff.

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