Approved: 2-13-02
Revised: 11-8-06


The South Sanpete Board of Education realizes that teaching is enhanced by the use of Teacher Assistants. Teacher Assistants may perform such duties as teaching students, preparing materials, monitoring classroom and students, and providing general services to students in the absence of teachers.


Classification: Teacher Assistants are directly responsible to the teacher to whom they are assigned, the principal of the school, and the director(s) of that program.

Types of Teaching Assistants:

(1) Regular Education
(2) Special Education Resource
(3) Title One
(4) Special Education Severe/Profound
(5) Special Education Itinerant

Workday: The hours of the Teaching Assistant will be assigned by the principal or the director of the program. General guidelines suggest that all Teacher Assistants work less than 20 hours per week. However, exceptions to this guideline may be made in conjunction with the principal and director in charge of the specific programs. Normally, the maximum hours allowed to the various Teaching Assistants are as follows:

(1) Regular Education up to 30 hours per week
(2) Special Education Resource up to 30 hours per week
(3) Title One up to 30 hours per week
(4) Special Education Severe/Profound up to 40 hours per week
(5) Special Education Itinerant up to 40 hours per week

Any exception to these maximum hours needs to be approved by the Superintendent.

Teacher Assistants who work less than 32 hours per week are considered "at-will" employees and have no expectation of continued employment. Under no circumstances, may a Teaching Assistant be allowed to work more than 40 hours per week whether it is in one assignment or in a combination two or more assignments within the District.

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