Adopted: 3-14-78
Revised: 11-16-05


The South Sanpete Board of Education endorses the concept of alternative educational experiences for students who are having difficulty succeeding in their traditional school programs and for other extenuating circumstances. Recognizing the School District's philosophy to meet the educational needs of all students within its boundaries, an alternative educational program is an important part of the total educational program.


The South Sanpete Board of Education delegates the responsibility to the Superintendent and principals of the District to organize, maintain, and approve alternative programs within the District and to provide educational programs for those students who are not successful in traditional school settings and for those students who desire a different curriculum not offered in traditional school settings. The programs offered by the District or through the District shall fulfill those educational requirements as outlined in Policy IKF. Students in alternative programs shall be awarded credits and diplomas based upon meeting these outlined requirements which meet the approval of school, District and state standards. The staff assigned to work with alternative programs shall meet the certification standards of the District and state. Additional costs for these alternative programs, outside a traditional student's program, will be the responsibility of the student.

Alternative Program Options:

1. Sanpete Academy or other alternative school programs
2. On-line courses, e.g. PLATO, Electronic High School, etc.
3. Work-based Learning
4. Independent study (through accredited institutions)
5. Adult education (if eligible)
6. College or vocational courses
7. School transfer (In accordance with Policy JECB)
8. Others approved by school or District administration

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