Adopted: 3-14-78
Revised: 2-11-04

Applied Technology Education (ATE) shall be an integral part of the comprehensive high school concept in force for this district and of the general program of education in the high schools. Applied Technology Education shall provide all students a seamless education system, driven by a Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP), through competency-based instruction, culminating in essential life skills, certified occupational skills, and meaningful employment. Applied Technology Education shall be geared to take into account technological and economic conditions and changes, and, as a core component of comprehensive education, shall share with other aspects of the curriculum the purpose of development of character and attitudes as well as skills.

Presently the State Board of Education identifies the following as Applied Technology Education program areas of study: Agricultural Education; Business Education; Comprehensive Guidance including the SEOP; Economic Education & Entrepreneurship; Family & Consumer Sciences Education; Financial Literacy Education; Health Science & Technology Education; Information Technology Education; Keyboarding Education; Marketing Education; Technology & Engineering Education; Technology, Life, and Careers (TLC); Trade & Technical Education; and, Work-based Learning.

In an effort to meet the ATE training needs of high school students, adults, post-graduates, and other community elements identified by their needs, the district shall provide, where possible, (a) consumer education; (b) evening classes specializing in the courses desired by adult students; (c) specialized short-term ATE programs developed to meet specific needs of the community; (d) post-high school articulation for graduates of ATE programs; (e) continuous recruitment of students – both high school students and adults – into ATE programs; (f) diffusion of offered programs on all campuses of the district, with equal opportunities for participation available to all district students; and, (g) an emphasis on career education as a vital part of the comprehensive curriculum for both youth and adults. Where possible, additional ATE programs will be developed and articulated with post-high school institutions.

The Board shall provide for the continuing function of a district-wide Applied Technology Education Council which will serve as the coordinating body among the schools, the district administration, and the Board.

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