New Policy: 5-9-08


The Board recognizes advances in technology and the impact that these new pieces of equipment can have on education; however, they also recognize that inappropriate use of personal cellular phones, pagers, and other electronic devices during instructional time can often disrupt student learning. Staff members need to be mindful of the appropriate ways to incorporate these new technologies into the educational setting and also use them with integrity and professionalism outside of the school day. Therefore, the following Policy is being instituted to remind employees to use these devices in a professional manner.


The following policy statements define the use of cellular phones and other electronic devices as they pertain to school and District employees:

1. Employees may possess cellular phones and other electronic devices while in school and at school activities.

2. When employees do use cellular phones or other electronic devices, they must use them appropriately, responsibly, and professionally.

3. All personal electronic devices shall be turned off, not used, and kept out of sight while employees are performing his/her employment responsibilities, e.g., teaching, supervising, attending meetings, etc. When applicable and acceptable, cellular phones may remain on, but must be placed on the silence mode.

4. Employees may use personal cellular phones and other such electronic devices for school emergency situations and between class times, during lunch break, other scheduled breaks, and/or recess periods as long as it does not interfere with their employment responsibilities and instructional time of students.

5. Except in an emergency situation, employees may not use cellular telephones or other communication devices while operating a District vehicle or operating any vehicle while transporting students.

6. Employees are expected to use technology in an appropriate, professional manner. Employees should not make any inappropriate contact with students, parents or colleagues using any form of communication (written, verbal, or electronic). This includes participating in social networking sites, texting, emailing, twittering, etc.

7. Employees who misuse their personal cell phone or other electronic devices shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with State Law and District Policy, e.g. verbal warning, written reprimand, revoke privilege to possess cellular phone or electronic devices at school, and/or refer to Superintendent for further disciplinary action.

8. For extenuating personal emergency situations, the principal or immediate supervisor may make a temporary exception to this Policy if other accommodations can not be arranged.

9. Designated District employees that are issued cellular phones by the District shall adhere to this Policy and follow the guidelines outlined in Policy EGAC.

District Policy References:

Policy CCAH       "Teachers"
Policy GBC         "Staff Ethics and Conduct"
Policy EGAC       "Telephone Services"
Policy INH          "Class Interruptions"

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