Adopted: 8-12-76
Amended: 4-14-99
Reviewed: 10-18-05

The South Sanpete Board of Education recognizes the value, which can be derived from membership of its professional employees in professional organizations. The Board takes the position, however, that membership is an individual choice with each employee.

Absence from work for the purpose of taking part in activities of professional organizations shall require Board and/or Superintendent's prior approval. Therefore, staff members who accept duties which will require their absence from school during working hours, or which otherwise will encroach upon the time they normally spend on their regular district assignments are advised to seek Board approval before accepting such duties.

Groups may have their membership dues handled by payroll deduction if (1) ten (10) or more employees are involved and (2) each group pays the cost of program changes in the payroll program.

Employees who feel that excessive pressure is being applied to join or not to join a particular organization are encouraged to report the circumstances of that pressure directly to the Superintendent.

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