Adopted August 12, 1976

Amended: 6-25-80
Amended: 2-14-01
Revised: 10-10-06


The Board recognizes that conditions may develop which would cause an employee to leave the District before the school year is completed. The Board recognizes that an employee may be released from his/her contract at the request of the employee, at the request of the District, or by mutual agreement between the employee and the District.

Policy Statements:

1. Resignations by staff members that occur during a school year are to be discouraged and held to a minimum. Employees who desire to be relieved of their work obligations should write or tell their supervisor their intention 14 days before their last planned working day if possible.

2. Resignations will carry no financial penalty.

3. Resignations must be presented to the Superintendent in writing.

4. The Superintendent is authorized to accept or reject resignations.

5. Acceptance of resignations will be in writing and will become affective upon verbal approval of the Superintendent.

6. Resignations will be presented to the Board as an information item during an Executive Session.

7. A resignation request, and its acceptance, will become a part of the employee's personnel file.

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