Adopted: 12-8-82
Reviewed: 4-10-02
Revised: 1-10-06, 2-10-09 and 6-15-11


From time to time, there may be a need to reduce the work force within the District. Since schools exist for the primary purpose of providing the best education possible for the child, the Board will, through administrative procedures and policy, determine which employees can best serve the needs of the student, school and District in accordance with this Policy.


This Policy pertains to all employees of the District: teachers, administrators, and classified personnel. No Reduction in Force (RIF) shall take place without approval of the Board. Such approval will be documented in Board Minutes.


The District may reduce the number of staff members for the District, a school, or a program through one or more of the following at any time during the calendar year:

  1. Declining student enrollment in a school or the District;
  2. The discontinuance or substantial reduction of a particular service or program;
  3. The shortage of anticipated revenue after the budget has been adopted; or 
  4. School consolidation.


When reduction in force becomes necessary, the following shall be applied:

  1. The District may not utilize a last-hired, first-fired policy when terminating District employees;
  2. The District may consider the following factors when terminating an employee:
    1. The results of an employee’s evaluation;
    2. The personnel needs of the school or District;
    3. The termination of employees shall be administered geographically by program or by school.


If an employee is to be released under the provision, in accordance with the Utah Orderly Termination Procedures Act, the Board shall serve written notice upon the employee at least two months prior to the termination day. The notice shall indicate the reason for the action and will inform the employee of the right to request, within 10 calendar days of receipt of the notice, an informal meeting before the Board or its designee. Within 20 days of receiving such a request, the Board shall notify the employee of the time and place scheduled for the informal meeting. The employee may have representation, and may be allowed to submit documents and affidavits, but will not be allowed to conduct discovery, or call or cross-examine witnesses.

Reduction in Force employees may be rehired through the District’s employee application process and in accordance with District Policy GCC, “Recruiting and Hiring of Personnel.”


  1. SB 73 (1S) “Public School Teacher Tenure Modifications” 2011 General Session
  2. Utah Code 53A-8-107

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