Approved: 8-12-76
Reviewed: 10-18-05

The Board recognizes that the teaching process is an extremely complex one and that the appraisal of this process is a difficult and technical function. But because it is universally accepted that good teaching is the most important element in a sound educational program, teacher appraisal must take place. In order to assure a high quality of teacher and administrator performance and to advance the instructional programs of the South Sanpete School District, a continuous program of professional staff evaluation shall be established and reports shall be made to the Board concerning the outcomes of these evaluations.

Appraisal of professional staff services should serve these purposes:

1. To serve as a learning experience for the teacher in order to improve the quality of instruction;

2. To elevate the standards of the teaching profession as a whole;

3. To aid the individual teacher to grow professionally;

4. To help the employee improve his effectiveness in the performance of his duties and establish specific goals to stimulate improvement and professional growth and thereby strengthen and improve the instructional program;

5. To help the employee gain a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities of his contractual obligation;

6. To identify leadership qualities and potential; and

7. To help the employee identify his own strengths and possible areas for further growth.

In addition to the above purposes, staff evaluations may serve to assist in separating from employment with the District those employees who do not meet minimal requirements of professional standards of teaching competency.

The Board delegates to the administrative staff the responsibility of developing, organizing, and implementing a system of evaluation that will insure a quality instructional program.

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