Approved 8-12-76
Amended 8-15-86
Amended 3-11-92
Amended 4-14-99 Effective 7-1-99
Revised 10-18-05 (Combined Policy GCKA with Policy GCK)

The Board reserves the right to determine the class size and work loads of teachers. However, the Board recognizes that a teacher's primary duty is to teach, and every reasonable effort shall be made to confine teachers' activities to this primary responsibility. Therefore, the Superintendent shall strive to equalize the teaching load.

Teachers shall be expected to assume reasonable duties over and above their regular teaching responsibilities. Activities and services, which make minor demands on the teacher's time, shall be part of each teacher's basic assignment. Administrators shall strive to equalize such duties among teachers.

Extra responsibilities that make major demands on a teacher's time and require additional time with students shall be rewarded with extra compensation. Administrative Rule GCKA-SP (found in the District's Salary Schedule) outlines most extra-duty compensation.

The two statements below, taken from pages two, three, and six of the UTAH ORDERLY SCHOOL TERMINATION ACT (1999), indicate that all extra-duty assignments are "serve at will assignments" and are excluded from First Amendment Property Rights.

"Temporary employee" means an individual who is employed on a temporary basis as defined by policies adopted by the local board of education (based upon an agreement with the employee or the employee association recognized by the board which represents the class of employee in question). If the class of employees in question is represented by an employee organization recognized by the local board, the board shall adopt its policies based upon an agreement with that organization."

Note: The South Sanpete Board of Education recognizes no employee organization and has no agreement with any such organizations. Temporary employees serve at will and have no expectation of continued employment.

An employee who is given extra-duty assignments in addition to a primary assignment, such as a teacher who also serves as a coach or activity advisor, is a temporary employee in those extra- duty assignments and may not acquire career status beyond the primary assignment.

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