Approved: 9-8-2004


The basic consideration in the assignment of professional personnel in the South Sanpete School District is the well being of the program of instruction. The appropriateness of the assignment will have a significant impact on the morale of the professional staff and the effectiveness of the total educational program.


It is the policy of South Sanpete Board of Education that instructional personnel be assigned on the basis of their qualifications, the needs of the District, and their expressed desires. When it is not possible to meet all three conditions, personnel shall be assigned first, in accordance with the needs of the District; second, where the administration feels the employee is most qualified to serve; and third, as to expressed preference of employees in order of seniority in the District, all other considerations being equal. Non-tenured teachers shall not be eligible for transfers unless it is initiated by the Superintendent and the Board. In most cases, building-level principals shall be involved and approve staff transfers.

Voluntary Transfers

In the case of vacancies in new or existing positions, favorable consideration will be given to qualified applicants among current employees. The District may transfer currently employed educators to comparable positions without (or prior to) posting and interviewing outside candidates using the three conditions mentioned above.

Involuntary Transfers

A District administrator, a principal or immediate supervisor may request the transfer of an employee when, in his/her judgment, it will benefit the employee, the school, or the District. Whenever possible, an employee being transferred to a different assignment shall be notified of the transfer before the end of the school year. The employee being transferred shall be notified of the change in assignment in a conference with a District administrator or his/her designee.

As mentioned in Policy GCC (1): For extenuating or emergency circumstances, the Superintendent reserves the right to transfer assignments of active employees and/or hire qualified person

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