Approved:  10-14-09 (Revision of Policy GCG-SP)

Dear School Board Members:

This letter is my recommendation for ______________________ who is a _____-year Provisional Teacher at ___________________________. This past year, the Mentor Teacher who has been assigned to assist in the instructional process training, lesson development, and other teacher development has been _________________________________.

As Principal or designee, I have formally evaluated this Provisional Teacher twice during the school year using the District’s Evaluation Policy GCNA-1 and have determined this teacher to be  [  ] below average, [  ] average, or [  ] above average when compared with other Provisional Teachers.

As a result of my two formal evaluations, additional documentations, peer evaluation, and other evidences as outlined in Policy GCN-SP1 “Standards for Satisfactory Teacher Performance,”

[ ] I strongly recommend that this teacher be rehired.

[ ] I recommend that this teacher be rehired.

[ ] I am not sure about this teacher.

[ ] I recommend that this teacher not be rehired.





_________________________________________                        _____________________

(Principal or Designee Signature)                                                    (Date)


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