Approved:   8-12-76
Amended:   9-09-87
Amended:   4-13-94
Revised:   10-18-05

Teachers shall be classified according to the following description and definitions:


An Educator is a classroom teacher employed by a school district who holds a professional license issued by the State Board of Education. Educator does not include individuals who work less than three hours per day or who are hired less than half of a school Year.

Career Educator

A licensed Career Educator is entitled to rely upon continued employment under policies of the Board. A Career Educator is a teacher who has completed three successful years of teaching in South Sanpete School District.

Provisional Educator

A Provisional Educator is a teacher employed by the District who has not achieved status as a Career Educator within the District. A Provisional Educator is a teacher who is in his/her first, second, or third year of teaching in South Sanpete School District, regardless if he/she has had previous teaching experience in other districts. Provisional Educators will be assigned a Career Educator as a mentor for these three years.

Probationary Educator

A Probationary Educator is a teacher employed by the District who under School Board policy, has been advised by the District that his/her performance or conduct is inadequate. A Probationary Educator shall be involved in a re-mediation program initiated by the District.

For purposes of issuing contracts, a "year" shall be defined as the period between July 1 and June 30.  The Board reserves the right to terminate a contract, after due notice and due process, when changes in local conditions warrant the elimination of the position for which the contract was made.

Contracts of Career Educators shall be for one year and shall be extended automatically for subsequent years, unless a Career Educator receives written notice to the contrary as provided by law and the Board's Policy GCPD.

A Probationary Educator may have his/her status changed to Career Educator at any time if recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the Board.

Part-time employees (less than 32 hours per week) serve at the pleasure of the Board and do not fall under the Orderly Termination Act or this policy.  They receive no contract written or implied and may be dismissed without cause with two weeks notice.

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