(Substitute Teachers)

Adopted:   6-29-76
Amended: 11-9-88
Amended:  9-8-93
Revised:   10-18-05 (Combined Policy GCEA with GCE)
Revised:   6-12-07, 2-13-08, 11-8-17

The principals shall maintain a list of qualified substitute teachers who may be called on to replace regular teachers who are absent. The principal or his/her designee shall conduct a training to prepare substitutes as needed.

Insofar as possible, principals or his/her designee will call teachers on the substitute list for the subjects for which they are listed. Principals will be responsible for seeing that the work of the substitute is as effective as possible and will provide him/her with a planned program.

Substitute teachers should familiarize themselves with the main requirements of the course of study. If the substitute remains for a short period, it is better to improve understanding of processes already presented rather than to start a new one. The substitute is hired to see that students are productive during the regular teacher's absence.

The principal shall have full authority to interpret the meaning of the eligibility rules for substitute teachers in their practical application in making up the approved list of eligible substitutes.

Teachers do not employ their own substitutes. When it becomes necessary for a teacher to be absent from school, he/she should notify his/her principal or designee as early as possible so that he can obtain the approval for the absence and so that the principal or his/her designee will have time to obtain the best qualified substitute. The teacher shall prepare and leave lesson plans for the substitute teacher.

Teachers shall also notify their principal as to when they will return. This notification shall be early enough so that the principal will not have to employ a substitute.

The following pay schedule and accompanying notes will determine the amount to be paid for a substitute teacher in the South Sanpete School District.

Substitute teachers will be classified into two categories: Substitute and Long-Term Substitute and must be substituting for a certified classroom teacher.

Regular Substitute:                             $65 per day

Parts of day will be prorated accordingly.

Long-Term Substitute:        $75 per day

Parts of day will be prorated accordingly. To earn the “Long-Term Substitute” rate, the employee must teach five consecutive days for the same teacher. The “Long-Term” rate will begin on the sixth day and continue until the regular teacher returns to his/her classroom or there is a change in the substitute. At that point, a substitute will revert back to the “Substitute” rate.

A substitute teacher who has a current Utah Teaching Certificate, a retired teacher, or a person with a master's degree or greater will be paid as a long-term substitute. In this case, the rate ($75) will remain the same regardless of the number of days substituted.

Notes: Current paraprofessionals will ever the substitute rate for time worked substituting for a certified classroom teacher (not their paraprofessional hourly rate).
  Full Day                            $65.00
  Partial Day Elementary       $10.00 per hour (Based on a 6.5 hour day)
  Partial Day Secondary        $ 9.29 per hour (Based on a 7.0 hour day)

Suspended Licensure—

The District may not employ any individual whose license has been revoked or is currently suspended.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-508 (June 7, 2013)

Any variations from this Policy must be approved by the Board. The Board retains the right to make any waiver of this Policy or procedure if it finds it necessary or desirable in the operation and in the best interest of South Sanpete School District. 



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