Adopted:     9-12-01  
Amended: 10-8-03, 8-11-04, 10-18-05, 6-14-06, 8-13-08 (NEW: 4-B and Sick Leave Guidelines)
Approved Revisions: 5-13-09,  4-8-20

  1. Definitions and Procedure
    For clarification, certified teachers, other certified school personnel, and building administrators are considered Professional Staff Employees and are included in all aspects of this Policy. 

    In case of absence, it is the employee’s responsibility to notify their supervisor as soon as possible. It is recommended that notice be given at least 48 hours in advance, except in cases of emergency. Leave to be granted the day before or after a holiday will be subject to the approval of the supervisor. Holidays shall be defined as those days in the adopted school calendar or otherwise defined by District policy. No leave days shall be granted on Parent Teacher Conference days unless there is a family emergency or an unavoidable circumstance. If this occurs, the teacher shall provide an alternative means to meet with parents. 
  2. Leave Accrual         
    Professional employees will accrue 12 days of leave per contract year. Usage of leave will be at the discretion of the employee for the reasons of illness, funeral, emergencies, community service or personal circumstances. The maximum amount of accumulated leave is 180 days; however, the retirement leave incentive will remain at 120 days. Professional employees must work a minimum of 20 contracted hours per week to be eligible for accumulated leave under this policy.
  3. Leave Usage
    Normally, employees will be allowed to use no more than three consecutive working days for reasons other than illness or medical related conditions. The Board reserves the right to require written verification from a physician as to the medical condition. If more than three consecutive working days are requested for other than medical care, the request will need to be pre-approved by the employee’s supervisor. All absences must be reported and approved by the principal. The principal will designate substitutes.

    Employees will be allowed to use 12 days of leave in any one-contract yearAn employee who used more than 12 days in one contract year would have 1/183 deducted from his/her contracted salary for each day beyond the 12 days. An exception would be an extreme long-term, medical condition verified in writing from a physician or care provider. The maximum leave allowed under these circumstances would be the employee’s accumulated leave. Employees who exceed the 12 days in one contract year may appeal their circumstances in writing (accompanied with proper documentation) to the District/School Board by June 15 of that contract year. In any contract year, employees who use more leave days than they have accumulated will have 1/183 deducted from their salary for each day beyond their accumulated days. Note: If an employee goes beyond the 12 days of leave and is docked for those additional days, the number of extra days used will not be subtracted from the total days earned by the employee.
  4. Leave Incentive
    1. Yearly Leave Incentive
      Employees may earn additional money by attendance at work. Each year, there will be a pool of substitute money ($73,000.00) set aside. Any employee absent 3.5 days or less qualifies to divide any savings in the substitute pool. Shares in the pool are earned for each half-day at work. For example, zero absences earn 8 shares. One absence earns 6 shares, two absences earn 4 shares, three absences earn 2 shares, and 3.5 absences earn 1 share. The savings will be divided proportionally among all qualifiers.
    2. Guaranteed Leave Incentive
      A guaranteed amount of money ($4,000) shall be set aside for FY10 to ensure those teachers who miss 2.0 days or less shall receive a financial incentive for exceptional attendance. The $4,000 in the Guaranteed Leave Incentive shall be distributed using the same method of shares that is used in the Yearly Leave Incentive. 

      In addition to the Guaranteed Leave Incentive, these teachers shall also be eligible for any funds left in the Yearly Leave Incentive.
    3. Retirement Leave Incentive
      The employee (classified or certified) must work for the District a minimum of 10 years in a leave qualifying capacity to qualify for the retirement leave incentive. The employee must qualify for immediate retirement under the provisions of the Utah State Retirement guidelines. The maximum number of days the District will provide the retirement leave incentive for is 120 days. The cash settlement of unused accumulated leave will be paid based on the employee’s regular salary schedule position in their final contract year excluding any extensions or salary modifications based upon the following scale:

      Accumulated               Percent of 
      Leave                          Daily Rate
      1-50 days                        15%
      51-90 days                      20%
      91-120 days                    25%

Example 1: If an employee’s last yearly salary was $40,000.00 and he/she had accrued 30 days of leave, the cash settlement would be: 
daily rate ($40K/183) $218.58  x  30  x  15% = $983.61

Example 2: If an employee’s last yearly salary was $40,000.00 and he/she had accrued 115 days of leave, the cash settlement would be: 
daily rate ($40K/183) $218.58   x  115  x  25 %. = $6284.18

National Guard leaves and jury duty are defined by State rules and are exceptions to this Policy.

5. Sick Leave Guidelines.
The following guidelines apply to all employees (certified and classified) who are eligible for sick leave.

  1.  Definitions:
    Immediate Family Members:  Employees Immediate Family Members are husband, wife, children, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, the same relatives of one’s spouse, and/or other persons living in the employee’s home on a permanent basis. 
    Notification of Absence:  Employees are required to provide a Notification of Absence to their immediate supervisor or school designee as soon as they know they will be absent from school. Employees shall complete a School Leave Form specifying the reason for the absence, submit it to their supervisor or designee, and then sign it. The supervisor or designee shall then assign a suitable substitute. 
  2.  Policy:
    1. Employees may use Sick Leave for personal illness, pregnancy, or medical appointments/treatment with a doctor, dentist, therapist, or other licensed medical providers.
    2. Employees may use Sick Leave for funerals, medical appointments, or health care for immediate family members.
    3. Employees may not use Sick Leave as vacation days under any circumstances.
    4. Employees may submit a written appeal to the Superintendent requesting consideration that other family members or close friends be included as immediate family members. These appeals would apply only for extraordinary situations and/or emergency cases of illness, injury, or bereavement,
    5. Employees must make proper notification of absence when they are going to be absent from school whether it is Sick Leave, Personal Leave, or School Business.
    6. Employees who abuse Sick Leave for absences other than those listed above shall be subject to disciplinary action in one or more of the following:
      1. A written reprimand shall be placed in the employee’s personnel file.
      2. The employee shall financially reimburse the District for the Sick Day(s)  that were used and/or reported incorrectly. This reimbursement shall be based upon the employee’s daily rate.                  
      3. The employee shall be suspended one day without pay.
      4. Subsequent abuse of Sick Leave may lead to other disciplinary action, including dismissal. 
    7. Prior to any disciplinary action, the employee shall be contacted and given due process as warranted.


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