Adopted: 6-29-76
Amended: 6-9-93
Amended: 10-18-05

The Board believes that the provision of leaves for teachers helps to attract and retain faculty who will continue to grow professionally, maintain their physical health, and have a feeling of security. All such leaves shall be authorized by the Superintendent.

This is done by:

1. Providing the teacher with an opportunity for continued professional growth.

2. Encouraging the teacher to take the necessary time to recuperate from illnesses.

3. Providing the teacher with income in the event of illness or accident.

4. Providing a way for the teacher to arrange for absence in the event of an emergency.

5. Cooperating with the teacher in arranging time for the performance of certain obligations or for other personal purposes that can be accomplished only during school time.

Absences from duty not authorized by the Board of Education policies or by the Superintendent of schools under Board policies, and/or the law governing absence of employees shall be considered unauthorized absence. No payment of salary or other claims shall be made for unauthorized absence. Unauthorized absence from duty shall be considered a violation of the employee's contract and may be considered grounds for suspension or dismissal of the employee.

Minutes of Board Meeting held on June 9, 1993:

The Superintendent was directed to handle all requests for leaves of absence in the future and not bring them to the Board.

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