SALARY LANE CHANGE APPLICATION
Approved: 12-8-04
Revise: 9-14-05 (Changed policy number from GCBC-4-SP to GCBC-A-SP)
Reviewed 6-24-16

This application must be filed in the District no later than March 15 of the year for which the lane advancement is being requested.

Date: ___________________________

Name: ___________________________

School: ___________________________

I am presently on Step ___________ Lane __________ of the South Sanpete Salary Schedule.

I am applying for the following Lane Change:
                                                             Date/Year Degree                           College or Institution       
               Salary Lanes                               Was Awarded                              Degree Was Awarded
       ____ B.S. + 30 qtr hrs                    B.S. _________                               __________________

       ____ B.S. + 55 qrt hrs                    B.S. _________                               __________________

       ____ M.S.                                      M.S. _________                               __________________

       ____ M.S. + 45 qtr hrs                    M.S. _________                               __________________

       ____ ED.D./PH.D.                           PHD _________                               __________________

I understand that I am required to furnish verification of credits through transcripts, diplomas, certificates, etc. by September 15 of the year in which the Lane Change is to take place. I understand that if I do not provide proper verification, my Lane Change may be denied.

___________________________________                                                            __________________
Signature                                                                                                                       Date        


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