Approved: 12-8-2004
Revised: 9-14-05 (Changed policy number from GCBC-4 to GCBC-A)
Revised: 9-12-12 (Added Core Academy)


(30 Qtr/20 Sem)

Bachelor+ 55
(55 Qtr/37 Sem)
Master + 45
(45 Qtr/30 Sem)
Re-certification or Praxis Test Mastery 5 Qtr/3 Sem 10 Qrt/7 Sem 5 Qrt/3 Sem
 Lower Division College or Core Academy  10 Qtr/7 Sem  15 Qtr/10 Sem  10 Qtr/7 Sem
 Upper Division College  15 Qtr/10 Sem  30 Qtr/20 Sem  30 Qtr/20 Sem

1. Salary schedule step changes for experience are automatic and are handled yearly by the Payroll Department.

2. The credits for the Bachelor + 30 and Bachelor + 55 Hour Lanes must be earned after completion of the Bachelor's Degree. The credits for the Master's + 45 Lane must be earned after completion of the Master's Degree.

3. For converting semester hours to quarter hours, multiply the number of semester hours by 1.5. (For example: 20 Semester Hours x 1.5 = 30 Quarter Hours)

4. Re-certification Credit is acceptable when it contributes directly to the specific assignment of the teacher and/or is educationally career enhancing.

5. Horizontal lane changes, which are made by earning additional hours of credit or a higher degree, are not automatically handled by the District's Payroll Department. Teachers who may qualify for horizontal lane changes shall complete the following:
      A. Submit a Salary Lane Change Application form (GCBC-A-SP) to the District by March 15 of the year the lane change is being  
      B. Provide verification for the lane change i.e. transcripts, diplomas, certificates, etc. by September 15. If proper verification is not
          received, the lane change may be denied.

6. In the year when a teacher changes lanes, he/she cannot increase more than one step on the new lane. For example: a teacher moving from step 10 of the Bachelor +30 Lane to the Master's Lane will be on Step 11 of the Master's Lane regardless of the total years of experience in the District.


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