Adopted: 6-29-76
Revised: 5-11-05


The South Sanpete Board of Education recognizes that people who staff the school system are discharging a public trust of great significance and value to the community and to the nation. It recognizes further that human resources of the school system--the skill, the ability, the integrity, and the loyalty of each employee--are the keys to a successful education system. The Board seeks to fill all vacancies with the best qualified persons available without regard to race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, or national origin in order to obtain and maintain a high level of employee performance and satisfaction. It further desires to retain capable and desirable employees already in the school system.

The personnel employed by the South Sanpete Board of Education constitute the most important resource for effectively conducting a quality learning program. Important contributions to a successful education program must be made by all staff members. The District's program will function best when its employees conduct appropriate staff development activities and establish policies and working conditions which are conducive to high morale and which enable each staff member to make the fullest contribution to District programs and services.

The goals of the District's personnel program shall include the following:

1. To develop and implement those strategies and procedures for personnel recruitment, screening, and selection which will result in employing the best available candidates, i.e., those with highest capabilities, strongest commitment to quality education, and greatest probability of effectively implementing the District's learning program;

2. To develop general staffing patterns which will make the greatest contribution to the learning program, and to utilize it as the primary basis for determining staff assignments;

3. To develop a climate in which optimum staff performance is produced;

4. To provide programs of staff development designed to contribute to the improvement of the learning program and to each staff member's career development aspirations;

5. To provide for a genuine team approach to education, including but not limited to staff involvement in planning, decision making, and evaluation;

6. To provide attractive compensation and benefits as well as other provisions for staff welfare; and

7. To develop and utilize for personnel evaluation processes which contribute to the improvement of both staff capabilities and the learning program. 

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